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IPhone X became the world's best selling smartphone in March, and millet ranks among the top three.  (2018/5/22 10:29:19)
IPhone X became the world's best selling smartphone in March, and millet ranks among the top three.
2018-05-21 Tags: Mobile Internet and communication sources: Tencent Technology

According to foreign media reports, Counterpoint has just released a latest report. According to the report, as of March, Apple's iPhone X became the world's first smartphone, followed by iPhone 8 Plus, Millet's third red rice, and the top Android smartphone in the world.


According to the Counterpoint report, apple took the dominant position on the sales list, the iPhone X shipment accounted for 3.5%, and the iPhone 8 Plus accounted for 2.3%. Xiaomi first came to the list with its entry level models. The market share of red rice A5 is close to 1.8%, and it is also the only Android model in the top three.


Apple's iPhone X became the best selling smartphone in March, and it also became the most interesting model in the first quarter. Sales of iPhone 8 Plus increased significantly in March and became the second best seller in the world. The report says. "Millet's red rice 5A became the best-selling Android model in March, and it was also the first product on the list."


Interestingly, among the top ten models, Apple has five places, seventh iPhone 7, eighth iPhone 8 and tenth iPhone 6, and the three models are 1.6%, 1.4% and 1.2%, respectively.

The other Android models listed in the report were OPPO A83 (1.8%), Samsung Galaxy S9 (1.6%), Samsung Galaxy S9+ (1.6%) and Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro (1.4%), respectively, ranking fourth, fifth, sixth and ninth, respectively.


"Samsung Galaxy S9 helps Samsung improve its market share in the flagship market, although iPhone X has absolute advantages in this area. Samsung's share in the high-end market has doubled, but in the low-end market, it is facing fierce competition from Chinese manufacturers (OPPO, vivo, HUAWEI and millet). The report points out.


At the same time, the report also pointed out that the sales of the entry - level models in India, Southeast Asia and Africa were very good, and we were impressed by both the Samsung and the millet.


"The glory of millet, Samsung and HUAWEI has driven up a number of market shipments, including Southeast Asia and India, with the price of three brands between $100 and $199." The report says. "OPPO, vivo and HUAWEI will rise in the local and India markets, and they will make a difference in the mid-range price range." © 2006-2017 Internet Thinking(Hong Kong) Electronic Co.,Limited(Copyright)