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ADS1216Y (TI [8 channel, 24 bit analog to digital converter)  (2017/5/8 17:27:11)
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Funded by the National 863 Program project (2001AA631010)
8 channel 24 bit analog-to-digital converter ADS1216 principle and application of The principle And Application of 8-Channel 24-Bit Resolution ADC ADS1216 Li Cai (1), Ke Tiancun (1), Lu Guixin (1), Cao Wenxi (1), Cao Yuhong (2) Li Cai, Ke Tian-cun,
Lu Gui-xin, Cao Wen-xi, Cao Yu-hong Cao Abstract: This article from the three aspects of the internal structure, external pins and internal registers of 8 channel 24 bit analog-to-digital converter ADS1216 are introduced, and the marine optical buoy optical irradiance meter as an example, introduces its application.
Finally, some key points of ADS1216 and some design experiences are given. Key words: ADS1216 analog-to-digital converter optical buoy CLC number: TN911 document mark it: A Abstract:the constructions, external pins and internal
Registers of 8-Channel, 24-Bit Analog-to-Digital ADS1216 it s application introduced. gives out the usage points of the ADS1216 and some experiences of author 's. and' Converter 'are
Key ADS1216 ADC Ocean Buoy 1 ADS1216 overview ADS1216 is a new product line Optical, high precision, wide dynamic range, delta sigma type 8 channel 24 bit Burr-Brown ADC. Through the SPI interface to exchange information with the outside world to provide 22 bit effective resolution,
The working voltage range of 2.7V5.25V, can improve the impedance by selecting the internal buffer, provide a full range of 50% offset voltage correction, there are two foreign reference voltage supply. ADS1216 is mainly used in industrial process control, liquid / gas chromatography, blood analysis, intelligent transmitters, portable instruments,
Pressure sensors and other measuring instruments that require high precision and low power consumption. We used this chip in an optical buoy for ocean optical buoy. 2 structure and pin description 2.1 ADS1216 internal functional structure figure 1 shows the internal functional structure of the ADS1216 and its external main pins.
From the figure we can see that the ADS1216 mainly includes analog multiplexer (MUX), input buffer (BUF), programmable gain amplifier (PGA) and the two order delta sigma modulator, programmable digital filter, micro controller, 16 state and control registers, 128 bytes of RAM, serial SPI interface, two 8 DAC,
Internal reference voltage generator and clock generator. The analog multiplexer (MUX) can be configured as a eight channel analog input out of the channel to be a difference between the 4 channels or the Pseudo differential input of the 8 channel. The overflow range of programmable amplifier can be 1 ~ 128, and the G=1 can provide the effective resolution of 22 bits at G=,
Provide an effective resolution of 19 bits; the internal buffer is mainly used in the signal path isolation switch capacitor array and the external circuit, improve input impedance, input range of ADS1216 in the input buffer using the AGND+0.05V to AVDD0.1V. Two sigma delta sigma modulator operates at fMOD frequency, fMOD
Clock frequency from external clock fOSC. The digital filter is mainly used to improve the accuracy and resolution of AD conversion, it has three kinds of time, the longer the time, the higher the conversion accuracy and resolution. 2.2 ADS1216 external pin ADS1216 the external pin has a total of 48, which uses TQFP package,
Figure 1 shows the main pin. Mainly includes analog and digital parts. The analog part mainly includes a reference voltage input pin, a eight external analog signal input and a chip analog power input pin. The reference voltage of the ADS1216 can be supplied by an internal reference voltage generation circuit (range 1.25V/2.5V),
Can also be supplied by an external differential reference voltage input pin (VREF+ and VREF-), the input range is 0~2.5V, the VRCAP pin provides a bypass capacitor for the internal reference voltage to filter out the internal reference voltage noise. Eight channel analog input can be configured through the common reference AINCOM terminal for the 8 channel analog input,
It can also be divided into two input differential input of the same phase and the inverting input of the differential input of the four. Digital circuit part of the main SPI serial communication interface, the 8 can be configured separately digital I/O port D0...... D7, A/D © 2006-2017 Internet Thinking(Hong Kong) Electronic Co.,Limited(Copyright)