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Industry information
[Core Information 03.24] The chip delivery time is further shortened, with the three major manufacturers being the most significant  (2023/3/25 10:46:56)
(Core Information 03.23) The demand for mobile phones has not yet recovered, and the rise of AI may lead to a shortage of GPUs  (2023/3/24 16:54:45)
Foreign media: SMIC has applied to the US for Huawei to continue supply  (2020/9/16 22:48:28)
Changjiang storage launches its own brand to titanium high performance m.2 hard disk  (2020/8/31 15:54:00)
IPhone 12 Pro Max system screenshot exposure: 120Hz, lidar lidar scanner is equipped  (2020/8/26 18:42:20)
What is a Software Developer?  (2018/10/6 17:46:23)
Mei Guang is banned from selling local memory in China  (2018/7/28 16:07:21)
HUAWEI's revenue in 2017 was 603 billion 600 million yuan, and its net profit was 47 billion 500 million, up 28% over the same period last year.  (2018/4/2 9:47:29)
The government of the United States estimates the bid for high Qualcomm: it is possible to stop the deal  (2018/3/2 14:31:18)
Samsung's share price fell to 20% S9 and was meant to be mediocre to redeem the stock price decline  (2018/3/1 22:35:14)
The "all interconnected" era is approaching and the terminal of the Internet of things will be in bloom in 2018  (2018/3/1 22:26:03)
Ministry of industry and credit: the initial formation of a complete industrial chain of artificial intelligence in China  (2017/12/9 18:03:02)
Dark current surges the wafer market to survive  (2017/12/8 12:30:19)
Infineon launched a package MEMS microphone with a signal-to-noise ratio of 70 dB  (2017/12/6 11:36:01)
Broke the news, |Microchip banned their agents to traders, IDH shipments!  (2017/5/25 15:41:51)
Silicon wafer is out of stock, what is the dominant market for Japanese enterprises?  (2017/5/20 13:33:14)
Design of power supply for 24V to 3.3V/2A based on TPS54331DR chip  (2017/5/13 10:50:20)
Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) Ethernet Reference Design for Substation Automation  (2017/4/14 9:51:21)
How to guide globalization in the west after China  (2016/10/17 20:06:26)
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